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Victim to Victor

April 23, 2020

For the last 15 years, I have been practising semi self-isolation (some say I am turning into a recluse or hermit) as part of my developing “tool box” which is helping me deal with my mental health challenges of Anxiety and Catastrophic Thinking.

Now with Covid-19 and self-isolation, my tools of growing my support network, exercise, health, mindfulness, creativity, are all paying off in spades allowing me to go from days where minutes turn into hours to hours turning into minutes.

These are not tools that you can buy or learn on YouTube but ones that take Practise, Persistence and Perseverance.

I selfishly am enjoying my isolation.

I discovered a tool I always had but never realized, TIME.

“Time passes quickly. Do not squander your life.”

I now have time to

  • Take longer daily walks in the managed forest behind where I live (Lake Eugenia in the Beaver Valley).

  • Re-learn my Tai Chi set.

  • Bake bread.

  • Sit longer and more relaxed in my daily meditation.

  • Update my podcast.

  • Take more sunset pictures. (They can be found on my Instagram)

  • Join a daily Virtual Dancer Party (dance like no one is watching).

  • Learn the saxophone.

Even though each day is the same, I am able to partake in only activities that I enjoy resulting in hours turning into minutes.

Every day seems like it is Sunday.

I still worry about my immediate family circle, especially my aging father.

When things go back to the new normal, I will not forget that I still have the gift of time.

- Bobby


Robert “Bobby” Koven has become an endearing advocate for mental health awareness: Krazy Wildman Bobby K. Using his unique brand of humour, Bobby reaches out to diverse audiences with a message of hope for those individuals and families afflicted with mental health challenges. Dispelling the myths, smashing the misconceptions and challenging the prejudices surrounding mental health, Bobby delivers a hard-hitting message...there is no magic bullet...just hard work and lots of practice...and he ought to know. Diagnosed in his early twenties with Tourette’s Syndrome, he now looks back on his past behavior with a new perspective. Drawing on his life experience for his jokes and stories, Bobby tries his best to erase the stigmas surrounding mental health issues.

One of the initiatives Bobby is a working on is a documentary "No Magic Bullet", which is the story of his personal journey of healing.

To learn more about Bobby and the projects he's involved with, go to his website.

Check out Bobby's beautiful sunset photos on Instagram.

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